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EVlution Introduces Canada’s First Kempower EV Charging Station

March 29, 2024

EVlution Introduces Canada's First Kempower EV Charging Station

Canada’s EV landscape is about to witness a groundbreaking moment with EVlution’s introduction of the inaugural Kempower charging station for the partner, ChargeStop. Positioned strategically in central Edmonton, this milestone is a testament to our dedication as EV charging station contractors committed to advancing sustainable transportation solutions.

The station near 99th and Whyte embodies a collective effort toward a greener tomorrow, reflecting our progress and our shared commitment to fostering eco-friendly mobility options throughout Western Canada.

Evlution, ChargeStop, And Kempower’s Groundbreaking Partnership

In a monumental stride toward eco-friendly mobility, EVlution, ChargeStop, and Kempower join forces for Canada’s bright electric vehicle charging landscape. Kempower just shipped its first-ever charging stations to Western Canada for our client ChargeStop. This strategic partnership marks a significant step in advancing sustainable transportation solutions and enhancing accessibility nationwide.

The collaborative efforts of EVlution ChargeStop and Kempower’s cutting-edge technology signify a unified mission to redefine the future of electric vehicle charging in Canada. The recent shipment of Kempower’s carbon-neutral, high-capacity EV charger to Alberta epitomizes the urgency and commitment toward a greener transportation network.

EVlution also becomes the first to install the inaugural Kempower EV charging station in central Edmonton, marking a significant milestone in advancing electric vehicle charging infrastructure in Canada. This installation represents a tangible step towards providing innovative charging solutions, contributing to the growth of sustainable transportation options for Canadian drivers.

Innovating EV Charging in Western Canada

Installing Kempower’s cutting-edge EV charging stations for ChargeStop signifies a step forward in providing efficient and reliable charging options for electric vehicle drivers across the region.

By bringing Kempower’s innovative technology to the forefront, we’re committed to setting a new standard in electric vehicle charging stations. Being among the first installers of Kempower charging stations in Western Canada highlights our dedication to offering high-quality infrastructure that redefines the charging experience.

High-Capacity Charging Leadership

EVlution’s latest installation, a 3x double Kempower satellite unit with a peak capacity of 450kW, sets a high standard in high-capacity charging. Positioned at the forefront of efficient charging solutions, this station addresses the increasing demand for rapid and accessible charging in the electric vehicle market.

Our commitment to providing cutting-edge technology reflects our dedication to meeting the evolving needs of drivers and businesses.

Introducing this high-capacity charging station reinforces our vision of a future where electric vehicle charging is both swift and widely accessible. By leading the charge in deploying innovative solutions, we aim to empower drivers with reliable and efficient charging, fostering widespread adoption of electric vehicles in our communities.

Strategic Partnership: Kempower, EVlution & Charge Stop

The collaboration between Kempower, EVlution and Charge Stop represents a strategic alliance to revolutionize Canada’s electric vehicle charging landscape. This partnership brings Kempower’s technology and EVlution’s installation and service expertise to Charge Stop, paving the way for a robust and reliable nationwide charging network.

Our shared commitment to sustainability and innovation drives this collaboration towards providing practical, user-friendly, and future-ready charging solutions.

With their expertise and innovative solutions, EVlution, ChargeStop, and Kempower aim to establish a robust, future-ready charging network. This network will cater to the growing demand for efficient, high-performance charging solutions, aligning with global initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Together, we aspire to set new standards in the industry, fostering a sustainable mobility ecosystem that anticipates and fulfills the evolving needs of tomorrow’s transportation landscape.

Community Impact and Future Expansion

EVlution’s introduction of Canada’s inaugural Kempower Charging Station signifies a technological milestone and a pivotal moment for community-centric innovation. This installation for Charge Stop in central Edmonton showcases our commitment to enhancing accessibility to sustainable transportation solutions for residents and businesses.

Beyond this achievement, our vision extends to future expansions across Canada, aiming to replicate this success story in more locations.

Our goal is not merely to install charging stations but to cultivate a network that seamlessly integrates with communities, supporting the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. As we forge ahead, we’re driven by a dedication to creating a lasting positive impact, promoting cleaner air, and fostering a more sustainable future for future generations.

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