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Powered By Nature

Revolutionize Your Drive, One Charge at a Time

At EVlution, our unwavering commitment lies in redefining how you energize your electric adventures. Our mission is crystal clear: to offer environmentally conscious EV charging solutions that make both economic sense and harness the boundless vitality of the natural world by powering up your electric vehicles by nature.

For Drivers For Owners

At EVlution, we are passionate about driving the adoption of electric vehicles and promoting sustainable transportation solutions. As a trusted provider of electric vehicle chargers in Western Canada, we are committed to revolutionizing the way people power up their rides.

Step into the future of clean transportation with us! EVlution offers cutting-edge charging solutions with unbeatable price value, reliability, and environmental consciousness. Backed by nature's energy, our seamless installations and smart software management ensure an effortless charging experience for businesses and drivers alike. Join us on this electrifying journey and let EVlution be your trusted partner in embracing clean, eco-friendly transportation powered by nature!


Power Up Naturally With EV Chargers

Mobile App

Our app is available on Google Play Store and the App Store, making it convenient for all drivers. Say goodbye to charging stress and hello to hassle-free charging!


EVlution takes great pride in powering up your electric vehicles with the help of nature. Our network has many chargers across Western Canada.. Charge with us and drive the future!

Charger Map

Navigate to our user-friendly network map to access and locate our EV charging stations effortlessly. Fulfill your vehicle's charging requirements and embrace the electric driving experience with us.

Our Products & Services

Turnkey Installation

With EVlution, you don’t have to worry about the complexities of setting up your EV charger. We handle everything, from permits to installation, ensuring a safe and ready-to-use electric charging station for your journeys.

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EVlution Network

Join the EVlution network and enjoy a range of useful features. Easily accept payments from drivers, follow local EV charging rules, keep an eye on charger performance, and have full control over your EV charger. Upgrade your EV charging experience with EVlution.

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Operations & Maintenance

EVlution offers comprehensive operations and maintenance services to deal with all types of EV charger-related issues. With our O&M services, you can get help from our skilled technicians who can quickly check and fix any issues you might have.

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Charging as a Service (CaaS)

With EVlution’s Charging As A Service (CaaS), you can ensure that we invest in the installation and management of th EV charging infrastructure, while you own the perfect EV charging solution and earn monthly revenue.

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Electric Vehicle Charging Through Solar Integration

Our commitment to solar integration goes beyond the ordinary. By harnessing the sun's energy, we elevate our EV charging stations to a new level of efficiency and sustainability. This synergy enhances charging capabilities, offering electric vehicle owners a reliable and eco-friendly solution.

Solar integration ensures that our stations continue to function even on cloudy days, minimizing reliance on traditional power sources. This approach reduces operational costs and contributes to a cleaner environment. Experience the future of mobility through our innovative solar-powered EV charging solutions.

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