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Empowering Cultural Destinations: EVlution’s Collaboration with Metis Crossing

May 9, 2024


At the heart of the historic and culturally significant Metis Crossing, situated on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River, lies a commitment to preserving the rich heritage of the Metis People of Alberta.

Recently, Metis Crossing teamed up with EVlution, an EV charging station installation company, to enhance the guest experience and take a step toward sustainability.

In this blog post, we explore the journey of this collaboration, emphasizing the seamless integration of EV charging stations into the infrastructure without losing sight of the site’s cultural importance and the overall experience of Metis Crossing with EVlution.

About Metis Crossing

Metis Crossing serves as a cultural destination, offering visitors a glimpse into the history and traditions of the Metis people. Recognized for its historical significance, the site attracts numerous guests seeking a deeper connection with the Metis culture.

Incorporating EV Charging Stations

Responding to the evolving needs of their guests, Metis Crossing felt the need to introduce EV charging stations to their infrastructure. Therefore, the company chose EVlution to add two Level 2 EV Chargers at The Lodge.

These chargers not only offer a convenient service for electric vehicle users but also align with the site’s commitment to enhancing guest experiences.

Project Specifics

The Lodge at Metis Crossing proudly hosts two Level 2 EV Chargers, courtesy of EVlution. These charging stations signify a step toward accommodating the growing demand for electric vehicle infrastructure while maintaining the cultural integrity of the site.

Objectives & Outcomes

The primary objective behind installing EV charging stations was to enhance the guest experience at Metis Crossing. EVlution played a crucial role in achieving this objective by raising customer awareness and satisfaction.

The project was a success, as Metis Crossing reported increased customer satisfaction and awareness since installing the EVlution charging stations.

Customer Experience

Metis Crossing’s experience with EVlution, from the selection process to installation and usage, has been consistently positive. The collaboration has unfolded seamlessly, aligning perfectly with the organization’s commitment to delivering exceptional service to its guests.

Impact On Sustainability

Metis Crossing is strongly committed to sustainability and environmental stewardship, and they view the role of EVs and EV charging stations as crucial in combatting climate change.

The organization’s main goal is to get away from fossil fuels. They are trying to achieve this goal with the implementation of solar panels on their buildings. They have recently completed a 4.86 Megawatt solar farm, which powers their site and reduces their carbon footprint. The integration of EVs and charging stations, along with the presence of electric support carts, showcases a holistic approach towards a more sustainable future.

Metis Crossing said that incorporating EV charging stations into their infrastructure was just the beginning and that they are taking small steps that will eventually make a big difference. They hope to inspire other organizations and individuals to follow their example and embrace the benefits of EVs and EV charging stations.


As Metis Crossing takes strides toward sustainability and embraces the future of electric vehicles, the collaboration with EVlution stands as a testament to the seamless integration of modern amenities without compromising cultural significance.

The incorporation of EV charging stations at this historic site exemplifies a thoughtful approach to meeting contemporary needs while honouring the past. Metis Crossing’s positive experience with EVlution prompts a recommendation for other companies or organizations considering EV charging station installations.

The endorsement is grounded in the successful collaboration and the positive impact on guest satisfaction. EVlution takes great pride in completing such projects successfully and looks forward to connecting with other organizations and communities to install EV charging stations.