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Empowering Communities for A Greener Future: Riverdale Community League’s EVlution Journey

January 19, 2024


As a professional EV charger installation company, EVlution takes great pride in working with various clients and communities to provide reliable solutions in the EV industry.

One of our clients, Riverdale Community League, describes us in the following words:

“They are knowledgeable about the solar and electrification landscape. They know how to work with folk who are not experts, and they can patiently help you connect to grants and other support programs.”

We’re thrilled to share the inspiring story of our collaboration with the Riverdale Community League.

It is a non-profit organization where neighbours get together and make great things happen for their community. They are committed to being carbon neutral and believe that social justice, biodiversity loss and climate change are all linked.

That’s why Riverdale Community League chose to incorporate EV charging stations into their infrastructure, with the help of EVlution, a company that provides innovative and affordable solutions for EV charging needs.

Let’s explore the collaboration between Riverdale Community League and EVlution in detail.

Project Details

The League installed two 48-amp Siemens L2 EV chargers on a pedestal in the front parking lot. They also have a bike charger incorporated into their chargers. Their chargers are free to all users, but they encourage donations.

Their motivation to install EV chargers was to reduce barriers to EV use and provide a needed community service.

EVlution helped them achieve these objectives by ensuring the chargers were properly installed in the least disruptive and efficient location.

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Since installing the EVlution charging stations, the League has seen some positive impacts and feedback from their users and clients.

One such example is how one family in Riverdale went from owning two cars to one small EV car. Rather than install their own L2 EV charger, they are donating money to the League and using the EV charger.

Ultimately, EV charger installation is helping the Riverdale Community League fulfill its goal of promoting a sense of community and becoming a carbon-neutral entity. EVlution is proud to help them in achieving these goals as EVs and EV charging stations are crucial in sustainability and combatting climate change.

Having the charger also helps the League attract more customers who are interested in renting their hall for various events and activities. The charger is a unique feature that sets them apart from other venues and shows their commitment to sustainability and social justice.

It also provides a convenient service for its customers who own EVs or bikes and need to charge them while using the hall. The charger is a win-win for both the League and their customers.

League’s Experience

Riverdale Community League’s partnership with EVlution not only facilitated the installation of EV charging stations but also amplified their commitment to sustainability and community well-being.

The League was very happy with our service and praised our knowledge and personal touch. They said we were great communicators, clear and on time, and extremely helpful with handholding.


Overall, at EVlution, we are not just selling EV charging products. We are also providing a complete service that ensures our clients have a smooth and satisfying experience. From the selection process to installation and usage, we are always there to support and guide our clients.

That’s what we did for Riverdale Community League. We helped them choose the best products for their needs, assisted them with a grant they accessed, and installed the chargers in the optimal location.

Riverdale Community League is an example of how EVlution can help you transform your infrastructure and become a leader in EV charging. Whether you are a non-profit, a business, a school, or any other type of organization, EVlution can provide you with the best products and services for your needs as we offer a wide range of options in the EV charging industry.

If you are interested in learning more about EVlution and how we can help you, please contact us!